The iconic confection brand wanted to stay true to its 'racket in a packet' slogan by encouraging users to make a racket online...

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...so we created an innovative and sophisticated 'music maker' to allow them to do just that.

Give it a go! Select your instrument from the top and just drag and drop samples from the sample bank on the left onto the timeline in the middle. Hit play and listen to your creation in all its sonic glory! Built with the help of Matt Folkard.

Poppets homepage
A playful and interactive animation recreating the 'racket in a packet' sound effects provided the opening experience on the homepage
Poppets competition page
Other content areas of the site continued the strong visual themes and included competition pages where users could win a variety of prizes
Poppets downloads page
A downloads section was also created with wallpapers, 'racket in a packet' sounds as well as a screensaver based on the homepage animation