Producing creative, engaging and effective digital marketing communications as well as applications that are intuitive, functional, customer focused and 'responsive' is what I do best.

The 'responsive' approach doesn’t just relate to the design and build of applications so that they are optimised and respond to a users device though, in my case it underpins my whole approach to digital marketing and application development.

Listening to the ‘customer’ both client and end user, adapting an approach during the project life cycle to changing requirements and modifying an asset post launch in line with live user feedback are all facets of this holistic philosophy.

Digital is the most exciting and engaging medium and the possibilities really do seem endless. However, the need to adhere to solid project management, design and build principles remains paramount and above all for me, being responsive at every level remains the key to success.

Sanjay Sinha

A Brief History of My Time

A summary of my working life in digital before now - for more detail ask me or download my CV (bottom left):

2006 - 2012

  • Co-founder of cross-discipline digital marketing agency primarily focused on design & build
  • Developed cross channel digital communications strategies including website, mobile, social media, display advertising, search and email
  • Clients included Bacardi, BBC, Discovey Channel, Honey Monster Foods, Harvest Cheweee Lloyds, and BSkyB

2004 - 2006

  • Freelance Interface design and development
  • Worked on several digital projects including the redesign of
  • Responsibilities included requirements gathering and project scoping to interface design, CSS/XHTML and Flash build

2001 - 2004

  • Senior designer at NPG responsible for the user experience and interface design for all Nature journals online

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