Find Honey Monster

How do you re-energise a brand character that both children and adults once adored? You lose him...

The cross channel 'Find Honey Monster' campaign began with an on-pack promotion to win a laptop.

Codes or 'coordinates' were printed inside packs of Honey Waffles and Sugar puffs and users were encouraged to go to the Find Honey Monster website to enter their coordinates to see if they had won.

A series of videos were also produced to add to the experience featuring Honey Monster's secret friend Charlie - a 10 year old schoolboy who coordinates the search for Honey Monster.

Central to the campaign was the Find Honey Monster website or 'mainframe' where the coordinates for the laptop competition were entered and also where Charlie 'coordinated' the search for his secret friend by collating images, videos and messages regarding his whereabouts.

Phase 2 of the campaign saw a cross country 'Monster Hunt' for the elusive Honey Monster with street teams being deployed in 12 cities across the country over a 12 week period to help the public 'spot' the furry fella.

This coincided with 12 weeks of online challenges the successful completion of which gave the participant 1 entry into a draw to win special Honey Monster goodies. Challenges included a space invaders style game where players had to kill a virus before it destroys the 'mainframe' as well as other simple picture and word based puzzles.

In the final phase of the campaign Charlie asked users to create a Find Honey Monster poster and upload it his website. The best poster was then chosen to be published as a missing advert in childrens publication First News.


The 'mainframe' homepage brought together the key campaign content


The Picassaweb API was used to manage the user generated image galleries


12 challenges ranging from simple matching puzzles (above) to drawing competitions created playful entry mechanisms for weekly competitions