Designs that never saw the light of day (until now)

Posted January 10th, 2014 in Projects

Not every design you lovingly produce will graduate from a static visual to a fully functioning all star web page.

It might be a mockup you put together for a pitch that was never won, or an early stage design for a project which was discarded in favour of an alternative route, or even a supporting visual for a great start-up idea that never quite got started.

Whatever the reason is, most designers have a few design cast-offs hidden away in an archived folder somewhere and below are a few early stage mocks of my own that never quite made it that I want to give a bit of love to in this post.



Adaptive Lab required a quick design for a social media analytics product they were concepting. Essentially a Twitter analysis tool used to identify trending consumer brands, the look and feel was designed to be more playful and engaging than traditional analytics tools.



Hilight was conceived as a user generated and curated football video site where everyone from non-league players to budding premier league hopefuls could gain inspiration as well as show off their skills online.



This was the concept that wasn’t chosen for marketing project management application and current client bethebrand. The lead illustration was an attempt to convey the multifarious nature of managing marketing projects.



Feeling sick or is this a design you’ll remember for the right reasons? Well it didn’t make the cut so I think that tells its own story!



SciDev.Net, the online science journal with a focus on the developing world needed a refresh – this pitch visual showcased the range of content that the journal had to offer whilst increasing the prominence of the brand.